The award ” Woman International Business ” ( Women Entrepreneurs Association and the International Business Leaders – . Occupational , Social Affaire and Equal Opportunities ”
has as it’s main objective the enhancement of special Women, competent women , courageous women , women working in the social Women have managed to Tackling the Crisis and marked for human characteristics , sensitivity , determination and creativity . DI.International ( Woman International Business ) connected to many international associations of which Italy is one of the founders , is placed like the Greatest women’s entrepreneurs networks and manager in the world . The Committee is composed of national associations and international including EWMD ( European Management for women in development ) International .

international press – they wrote about her:

*Valeriana Mariani for The New York Times
Project Leader and Project Manager in national and international projects aimed at the promotion of women in non-feminist perspective, Valerian Mariani has developed strategic plans and managed budget for many projects, organized work teams composed of numerous collaborators and consultants, has managed relationships with national and international partners, including public institutions. High organizational and management skills, interpersonal and communication, great flexibility and ability to live in international and multicultural environment, emotional intelligence and strong leadership to bring today to the presidency of two international associations: Women’s Enterprise within the association which also holds the positions the Publisher / Director of the Half Head eponymous magazine “Woman Entrepreneur Magazine” and “Di. International Women “(International Association Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders – Employment, Social Affaire and Equal Opportunities), projects a path based on training for development of women entrepreneurship and the creation of a sensitivity to cultural and moral values shared with ultimate target of the definitive inclusion of women in civil society. She is tenacious in achieving results, and she has a team-leading abilities in the recognition and enhancement of the opportunities and to convey logic and discipline in making decisions, setting priorities and implementing successful strategies




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